Monday, January 2, 2012

Entertainer Of You're Year!

Every year we change as a person.  I love music, and I guess I can say music loves me! (haha)  I listen to music when I am happy, sad, excited and scared!  Just about like everyone else I know.  Now, A country singer caught my eye a few years ago, but she is MY entertainer of my year!  That means, I watched her sing, write, and I followed her in every way possible!  Plus went to one of her concerts which turned out to be AMAZING!!!  Here she is:

Who is you're entertainer of the year?  Let me know!

Top Favorite's of 2011

It is so crazy how fast last year flew by!  Now, its a new year with new beginnings and a fresh start.  But not for my nail polish!  I decided to throw together my favorite nail polishes of last year, but I will still wear them this year!  Enjoy!

                         This is Essie Main Squeeze.  This color is so pretty!  It did take about two coats to get this color on right but I loved it, and I knew it deserved a spot in my top favorite for 2011!

 Another one of my favorite nail polishes of 2011!  I love this color, its pink but its still kind of nude.  Another thing about this is that you can almost wear anything and have this on and it pulls it off!  I said (almost!!)  I believe the name of this is Yes We Can Pink!

O.P.I You Don't Know Jacques!  This color is so amazing!  It was my most worn nail polish for 2011!  I HAD to include it into my favorites!  Its a must try! 

 It would have to be my favorite color!  O.P.I I'm Ind-a Mood For Love!  Name says it all!  What more can I say!  :)

What were your top favorite nail polishes for 2011?